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2100M - MatrixWall Aluminum grid reinforced glass block wall system.

2100M Technical Drawings

2100mM - mini-MatrixWall Aluminum grid reinforced glass block wall syste
m is designed for use with 1-1/2" thick solid glass blocks.

2100mM Technical Drawings

- Bullet Resistant wall system is a reinforced version of the EXTECH® MatrixWall System. It passed ballistic resistance testing at level 3.

2100BR Technical Drawings

2100C - CurtainWall system
is a glass block wall which will arrive at the jobsite as pre-glazed panels, typically 4 ft. wide by 5 or 6 ft. high (panel sizes can vary)

2100C Technical Drawings

2100E - EasyGrid™ structural glass block wall system

2100E Technical Drawings

2100EX - Glass Block Wall System

2100EX Technical Drawings

2500 - Enwall monumental glass skylight... A double guttered system with design essence similar to other U.S. manufacturers.

2500 Technical Drawings

2900 - Commercial window system, 2-3/8" deep or 2-3/4" deep (Awing, hopper or fixed. Tested to HC-70 level).

2900 Technical Drawings

3000 - A unique curtainwall which accepts both glass and polycarbonate in the same system. AAMA Tested to 15 psf water test.

3000 Technical Drawings

3001 - Basic Wall System (A snap together system, non-termally broken ), 2.91" wide.

3001 Technical Drawings

3100 - Standing Seam Polycarbonate Skylight/Wall System

3100 Technical Drawings

- Specification for Fixed Polycarbonate Glazed Window System.

3400 - Unit or continuous window and overglazing system, 6 mm to 16 mm glazing thickness. These are pre-framed systems for mounting onto the faces or the insides of existing window framing, or onto jambs, sills, etc. Not thermally broken.

3200 / 3400 Technical Drawings

3440 Specification for Interlocking Cellular Polycarbonate Translucent Glazed Wall System.

3440 Technical Drawings

3500LS - Patented ridge skylight system which allows for the thermal movement of adjoining roof sheets. SS (Short Span) for openings up to 4 ft. LS (Long Span) for openings up to 18 ft.

3500LS Technical Drawings

3700 - Monumental skylight system (the "Does It All" DIA pressure-equalized system). Available single or double glazed.

3700 Technical Drawings

4000G - Wet sealed, unit glass skylight system.

4000G - Technical Drawings

5300 - Thermoplastic glazed top-hinged or fixed windows (Patented). Tested to HC-40 level. Not Thermally Broken.

5300 Technical Drawings


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