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No source of lighting is more perfect than natural daylight. . . and there is no better way to bring daylight into your workplace than through EXTECH's® Skylight, Window and Vertical Wall Systems.
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EXTECH - Pittsburgh Children's Museum
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EXTECH® manufactures skylight, window, canopy and wall systems using a variety of glazing options. These include glass, fiberglass and abuse-resistant cellular polycarbonate (also called polycarbonate structural sheets [PCSS]). PCSS is the fastest growing type of glazing material for both vertical and sloped applications. It is now available in multi-wall extruded sheets which are thicker than insulated glass (and which insulate better). They are also co-extruded with a UV-resistant coating, many of them on both sides. This coating stops 99% of the ultraviolet rays. Thus, it protects the glazing panels and also protects the interiors of your buildings against fading and degradation. EXTECH® offers the best-engineered systems for polycarbonate glazing and has the test data to prove it. Among other things, our [PCSS] systems include deep glazing pockets, low-friction gaskets, and controlled gasket pressure. These features allow our systems to accept the thermal movement of the glazing and to minimize noise and wear.
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