EXTECH Exterior technologies, Inc. EXTECH Exterior technologies, Inc. EXTECH Exterior technologies, Inc.
Extech Exterior Technologies

EXTECH®/Exterior Technologies Inc. has been manufacturing window, wall and skylight systems since 1975. We design, build and test highly engineered systems using both glass and polycarbonate glazings. Over these 30+ years we have maintained our proud performance history We have:

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Member of the Green Building Alliance

Designed and engineered more than 20 systems for architectural, commercial, industrial and increased security applications

Patented several systems

Always placed emphasis on engineering and attention to detail

We are a subsidiary of 60+ year industrial & commercial roofing business, our parent company, Voegele Co. Inc.

We are problem solvers...We pride ourselves on our ability to find the ideal design...even if we must do something that has not been done before


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