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EXTECH® offers a variety of standard and custom window, wall, skylight and solar shading systems.

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Member of the Green Building Alliance

THE EXTECH® ADVANTAGES are evident in several ways:

1. We care. We work hard to furnish the ideal system. . . on time and at a reasonable price.

2. We do free preliminary work for you. . . we offer free concept drawings and sketches to show how our systems will enhance your project and free specifications as well.
3. We have a wider range of systems... more than any other manufacturer in the world. These include:

• High performance architectural-grade window, wall, canopy and skylight systems for glass and monolithic polycarbonate (MPC) and polycarbonate structured sheet (PCSS).

• High strength industrial window and skylight systems for glass, MPC and PCSS.

• The MatrixWall™ structural glass block system.

• Solar Shading systems.

• Photovoltaic systems.

Design Help

Extech Design

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Unique Features of Our Framing Systems Include:

Low-friction gasketing

Deep glazing pockets (rabbets)

Controlled gasket pressure

Overlapping framing members

Ventilation tape on open ends of our cellular polycarbonate

Sliding attachment clips (for standing seam system)


Design Testing manufacturing  
We do mockups of
All complex systems.
Impact Testing
Assures resistance to flying objects, such as those that may strike a window during a hurricane.
Testing a skylight for air & water infiltration
This test 'fixture' is in the EXTECH facility and accomodates large skylight components.

Impact Resistant
Extech Impact Resistant
Testing the strength
of PCSS for news media
Illustrating the strength of MPC
This window holds the weight of a pick-up truck.


PCSS - Polycarbonate Structured Sheet

• Thickness - 6,8,10,16 and 25 mm sheets
• UV Resistant coating
• Solar energy reflective coatings available.
• Various tints and colors inluding: bronze, opal and clear (green and blue in some products).
• High strength impact resistant
• Lighter weight than glass
• Provide diffused light
• Easily curved
• Solar shading

• Translucent

Monolithic Polycarbonate

UV Resistant coating
UV and scratch resistant coating
Various tints and colors inluding: bronze, opal and clear
High strength impact resistant
Lighter weight


Clear or tinted
Heat Strengthened


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